We could not exist without your generosity.

At the Miracle League of Connecticut, we know every child deserves a chance to play. Our ultimate goal is that any child with physical and or cognitive challenges from any part of the state has the opportunity to become a part of a team or to attend an event reasonably close to their home. Through our baseball league, sports programs and other activites, we are able to provide every child the opportunity to ride a bike, learn to swim, try a new sport, dance and play. We also serve to support the families of children with special needs through special parents’ activities and a program devoted specifically to the siblings of our league members.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we need the support of people like you to continue our mission. It was through the generosity of donors that we were able to construct the first Miracle Field in New England, but now the work continues as we utilize that field and the passion it sparked in our community to make miracles in the lives of these children.

To recognize our special donors, we have instituted a new Giving Society with the following giving levels:

Please click HERE for to make a non-directed general donation or our 2023 Annual Appeal or Giving Tuesday.

Please click HERE for memorial or honorary donations in someone’s name.  We will be happy to send notification to the person you designate to make them aware of your generous donation.

All donations will benefit the Miracle League of Connecticut general operating fund.


Ways to support the Miracle League of Connecticut

Individual Donations

A general donation to The Miracle League of Connecticut is the simplest way to give and it has an immediate impact on our ability to serve our participants and their families. All donations are tax-deductible. You can donate on our website by clicking the “donate” button, or you can donate by check or credit card. Checks may be made payable to The Miracle League of CT and mailed to 33 Coventry St. Hartford CT 06112. Don’t forget to ask your employer about matching gifts, forms for which are available through many company human resource departments.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

We are grateful that some choose to honor the life of a loved one by providing a gift to us in their memory and encouraging other family members and friends to do the same. Donations are most commonly made at the time of a loved ones passing or to note occasions, such as a birthday, anniversary or other milestone.

Corporate Sponsorship

We invite businesses to work with us both to advance our mission and raise awareness of their own commitment to helping every child have the chance to place. Corporate sponsors of our mission-driven operations will be listed on our website, in our newsletter and in our annual report, as well as listed in all media releases. Sponsorships for our annual golf tournament are also available.

Retirement Plans

You may name The Miracle League of Connecticut as a beneficiary of your IRA or other qualified retirement benefits. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding the tax benefits of these types of gifts.

Naming us as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan asset such as a 401(k), 403(b), IRA or profit sharing pension plan will accomplish a charitable goal while realizing significant tax savings. It can be costly to pass such assets on to heirs because of heavy tax consequences. By naming The Miracle League of Connecticut as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, the donor maintains complete control over the asset while living, but at the donor’s death the plan passes to support The Miracle League of Connecticut, free of both estate and income taxes.

Making a charitable gift from your retirement plan is easy and should not cost you any attorney fees. Simply request a change of beneficiary form from your plan administrator. When you are done, please return the form to your plan administrator and notify us. Once you decide to designate The Miracle League of Connecticut as a beneficiary, simply provide the address and tax identification number, as follows, on your beneficiary designation form.

Bequests and Estates

Bequests or charitable trusts are examples of planned gifts.  They are a wonderful way for you to provide a future gift to charity. You can take care of yourself, your family and The Miracle League of Connecticut.  Planned giving involves providing for a future gift to charities through your financial and estate plans.

A bequest is a gift from your estate—a transfer of cash, securities, or other property made through your estate plans. You can make a bequest to The Miracle League of Connecticut by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate to the agency, or by designating us as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy. It is important to retain an attorney to assist in this process.

Your bequest will:

  • Help The Miracle League of Connecticut continue it’s mission
  • Give you control of your funds or property during your lifetime – it can be changed at any time
  • Reduce estate taxes
  • Enable you, if you let us know of your plans, to be celebrated, recognized and honored for your contribution

Gift of Stock

To learn more about this financially advantageous (to the donor) way to support our organization, please click HERE