Our Miracle League Field

The Miracle League Field

A Miracle League Field is specifically designed for children with physical and or cognitive challenges.  It is made with a rubberized surface that is fully wheelchair accessible.  Bases and pitching mounds are painted onto the surface so that there are no raised obstacles that you would find on a typical baseball field.  The dugouts are enlarged to accommodate wheelchairs and other apparatus.  The base path, pitching  and outfield fence distances are a bit shorter than a typical Little League field.  Other than the items stated above our goal was to make this field in West Hartford appear as similar as possible to a typical Little League field. 

Miracle League Field Location and Directions

The Miracle League of CT Field is located at 1700 Asylum Ave in West Hartford at the corner of Asylum Avenue and Trout Brook Drive.  It is part of a four field West Hartford Little League complex, one of the finest Little League complexes in the state.  The field is adjacent to three typical Little League fields.  Also at the site are a beautiful accessible to all playground and fully acccessible restroom and concession facilities.                        


Parking at The Miracle League Field

There is plenty of parking in the University of Connecticut parking lot for all of the fields at the complex.  Entrance to the parking lot is on Trout Brook Drive.   Handicapped parking is available but limited.  Once parked in the lot, cross over the wooden bridge and the Miracle League Field is located on your right.  There is absolutely no parking on the streets surrounding the field.


           THE MIRACLE LEAGUE FIELD                                                            THE MIRACLE LEAGUE PLAYGROUND