Volunteer Registration

There are 2 ways to help The Miracle League of CT.  The most hands on way is to become a Baseball Buddy Volunteer.  Buddies are folks who assist our players during our games one on one.  We also need volunteers for our iCan Bike summer camp.  We ask that your register for either category by creating an account on our online registration website. 

Baseball buddies must be 12 years old and up. You may register for either the spring or fall baseball seasons or both.  If you would like to help during both seasons, you must register for each separately.  No real baseball skills are necessary. 

iCan Bike volunteers must be at least 15 years old and be able to run alongside a bicycle rider for extended periods of time.  The camp runs Monday-Friday normally during the last week of July.  We ask that you are available for each day of the session to help build a sense of trust with the camper you are assigned to.

Please be sure to register in the correct category, either Baseball Buddy Volunteer of iCan Bike Volunteer, there is no fee to register. Volunteer registrations are administered by the same website as our players registrations,

Please click HERE to register as a Volunteer Baseball Buddy for the 2020 Spring Baseball Season

To volunteer as a team or a group, please fill out the form by clicking on the link  below.  Someone from The Miracle League of CT will get in touch with you as soon as possible.