Buddies are volunteers who are paired with an athlete during the game. They provide support and encouragement while ensuring their player's safety.  Buddies do not need to be baseball players.  Any person ages 12 and up with an interest in working with and becoming friends with children with physical and or cognitive challenges is qualified to be a Miracle League of CT buddy.   All volunteers must pre-register. Buddies do not need to attend every game, every week. Any level of commitment is great. However, we believe that once you get hooked by our players, you will want to spend as much time with them as possible.


The Miracle League of CT also runs the iCan Bike summer camp in West Hartford each summer.  iCan Bike is a program that helps children with special needs become independent riders on a two wheel bicycle.  iCan Bike volunteers must be at least 15 years old and be able to run alongside a bicycle rider for extended periods of time.  Our volunteers serve as spotters for each rider as they are learning to ride.  We ask that our volunteers are available for the full week of camp because we like our riders to get to know their helpers well.  Trust is a very important part of this process and that can only be achieved through continuity.  The camp runs each day Monday-Friday each year normally in the last week of July.  There are five 75 minute sessions each day.  You may volunteer for one session per day or as many as you like.  Volunteers are provided with a shirt for the week that identifies them to the riders and we provide lunch from some of West Hartford's most generous local restaurants each day.  Come join us at the iCan Bike camp, you will feel the same sense of accomplishment that our riders do.  It is truly an amazing experience.

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