Spring Baseball


Miracle League Baseball is played on the first fully accessible baseball field in New England.  The field is located on the corner of Trout Brook Dr. and Asylum Ave. in West Hartford.  Since 2012 hundreds of children with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities have been able to enjoy America’s pastime in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  Spring and Fall seasons are offered for children ages 4-21 on the rubberized surface field that has no raised obstacles.



Registration is now open for the 2024 Miracle League of CT Spring Baseball program. Play begins on Saturday April 20th for the National League and Sunday April 21st for the American League and concludes on June 8th/9th.

The American League will follow our usual Miracle League format. Players are assigned to one of six teams (4 teams for players aged 4-11 and 2 teams for players aged 12-21). The games for the junior division will be played at 12:30 or 1:45 each week on a rotating schedule. Games for the senior division will be played at 3:00 each week. There are no practices for the American League players, we meet for games only. Each player from the team will have the opportunity to bat once in each inning. Games are two innings and tend to end in a tie each week (it’s a Miracle). The game will be adapted for each player’s needs. Players will be assigned a volunteer “buddy” who will assist them as much or little as needed. Each batter will get a hit at each at bat, we will pitch to them as long as it takes for them to get a hit. We also have batting tees available if needed. American League games are lots of fun and completely non-competitive. It’s all about learning some basic skills and enjoying being part of a team.

Our National League program will undergo some fundamental changes from previous seasons. We will now be using a unique scoring system that focuses on rewarding positive play through the use of adapted rules that will award points for good plays for both the offensive and defensive teams. Please click HERE to see the details of the adapted scoring system. For the first tim

e ever, our games will be considered competitive and there will be winning team and a losing team each week although the possibility of a tie game still exists. The National League is for players aged 8-21 who can play at a higher level and would like to get more out of the games as compared to our traditional Miracle League games. The National League will meet each Saturday at 10:00 am. The sessions will begin with a practice at which they will work on their baseball skills. Local high school baseball teams come in

each week to help with the practices and to support players during the games. A game will follow the practices at 11:00 each week at which our two teams will face each other. Games will be two innings long each week. Space is limited to two teams each with 15 players for the National League. Be sure to register early as once our two teams are full, we will shut down registration for the National League. You are welcome to register for our American League after we fill up. We are excited about the big changes that were made in response to some of our families who expressed to us that their players were seeking a baseball experience that is closer to a traditional baseball experience. Please be sure to review the new rules by clicking on the link above.

Please note that at the end of the registration process, a window will come up with an invitation to join Active Advantage – PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK NO THANKS if you do not want it, or you will be charged for it.

The goal of the Miracle League of CT is to remove all barriers that prevent children with special needs from participating in recreational, educational and cultural activities.  If one of those barriers is a financial one, please email us at miracleleaguect@comcast.net to request a fee waiver for any of our programs.  We will do our best to accommodate your request which will be kept strictly confidential.